I’ve been in landscaping since 2013. I’ve learned what landscapers WILL and WON’T tell you. It’s really important you ask these questions before hiring anyone

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5 Must-Ask Questions for Landscapers:

  1. Are you licensed and insured?

This seems pretty basic but is extremely important. 

You would be amazed at how many landscaping companies say they are licensed and insured but cannot provide the proper documentation.

If a landscaping company is licensed and insured, it should be pretty easy to send over a copy of insurance or licensing. 

The last thing you want is a lawsuit on your hands if something goes wrong and there is no insurance to protect you or your yard.


  1. Can you provide local customer references?

Always ask for references. If a landscaping company is hesitant to provide real customer references, this is a HUGE red flag. 

Also, quality companies should be able to provide references for work they’ve done locally (without you even asking). 

This will give you a chance to call the references and inquire about their experience, or drive by the referenced yard and see the quality of work first hand.


  1. How do you prepare the yard before landscaping it?

This is a BIG one.

This question could make or break the deal for the landscaper you are choosing.

The prep-work required for house landscaping is EVERYTHING. It’s also where many landscapers cut corners.

If a landscaper does not emphasize their step-by-step process on correctly preparing your yard, DO NOT pick them as your contractor. 

If a yard has failing areas like deadfall, fading grass, or rabid animals, it is imperative that it is prepped well. If not prepped correctly, the landscaping job will fail within a couple of years (if not sooner).


  1. What type of landscaping are you doing?

Prep-work and quality of materials: The two most important factors in a landscape job that lasts.

Always ask what brand of materials the landscaping company is going to use in your front yard. 

This includes the actual gas vs electric machines, disposal methods, and more.

Do your own research on the brands to make sure they are quality and durable. We actually surveyed 12,000 landscape contractors on what the best equipment its.

You do not want contractor-grade (AKA Cheap) materials used in your lawn. 

Labor is usually the most expensive part of a landscape job, so make sure they are using high-end materials. 

Most landscapers will let you change the materials used in the yard if you request it.


5. What kind of guarantee/warranty do I get?

You’ll want to choose a landscaping company that stands behind their work. This is usually demonstrated with some sort of warranty like a 3-year, 5-year, or 8-year. 

The warranty should cover BOTH Labor AND Materials should areas of the landscaping job fail.

Sometimes landscaping companies will offer a good warranty but not cover the labor or materials should they have to return. 

This defeats the whole purpose of a warranty. This means YOU’RE STILL PAYING if they have to return.

Make sure they cover all costs should the landscaping job fail and make sure the company will actually be around for the next 6-8 years so they can cover the warranty.



A bad landscape job can cost you dearly. Unfortunately, there are many unreliable landscapers out there. These 5 questions will help you decide who’s best.

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Thank you for reading! May your next lawn hiring decision be a wise one!


Pep Dekker,


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